What to Consider when Building Your New Website
Building a website from scratch is a large undertaking.
There are five basic characteristics of all winning websites, each is complex and should not be overlooked.
Organizing the steps allows for each step to be systematically bumped off a list and ensures your success!

The five things to look at are as follows:
  1. Content Development - The data you will display on your website.

    Without original content no one will think your website is worth their time. There are millions of web systems that compete for the public's time. Makes your information good enough to garner their time. Produce original ideas in addition to the main topics you wish to convey with your site. Explain all faucets of your company. Don't take for granted that web viewers know anything about your industry and over explain how things work. A small website will be unable to retain the traffic you need to maintain a contant flow of viewers to your site. Small sites offer limited resources to search engines and therefore search engines often give small sites little credibility in huge markets. Without good information, sustainable popularity and sustainable quality search engine rankings are impossible.

  2. Find Good Hosting - Where it Lives

    Hosting is similar to the Hotel Industry - you get what you pay for. If you want your website to be available all the time, be backed up, have unlimited emails, lobby on your behalf in mail server issues, handle domain issues, and be guaranteed to do so, costs are a little higher. For those doing e-commerce in busy stores, large brand names, and others who want a professional business web setup, this is very important. Broomfield Designers only offers this higher level of service to it's customers. We would be happy to refer you to acquire appropriate discount hosting if you wish.

  3. Graphic Development - How it looks.

    Colors generate emotion and style shows creativity. We want to help you display your company is a pleasing and creative manor while avoiding distracting visitors from the all-important information.

  4. Short Term Advertising - Getting the word out

    Initial submission to hundreds of search engines, directories, and other advertising outlets. Some of these cost money, some of them don't. The more the merrier. As you become more popular some will add you to their database as a matter of course, but you can help them out!

  5. Long Term Advertising - Search Engine Rankings

    The search engines have a vested interest in serving the best pages to the general public. It is in your best interest to oblige them on this key note first (give them unique content that they can use: See 1). Once you have content you must become popular. There are many avenues to gain popularity including link exchanges, banner advertisements, and pay per click campaigns..

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