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In conclusion there is no really perfect way to view your web site?s activity through statistics. Each has an Achilles heel in the data, but when all viewed in aggregate trends can be spotted and curtailed or encouraged and general numbers are very attainable.

Program and Software favorites of the author include:
  • Webalizer: Serverwide solution
  • Google Analytics: Free Urchin J but not via log files. (relies on cookies)
  • Urchin: Reads Log files to create OR Reads cookie information to create
  • Weblog Expert Lite: Windose desktop solution for viewing a log file
  • and ranking .com for external pulse monitoring

  • Broomfield Designers provides 3 tiers of statistics support for it?s clients:
    Standard: Webalizer Installed; Log files kept for 6 months
    Upgrade: Google Analytics Enrollment and Maintenance + Standard
    Premium: Urchin hosted and backed up statistics plus storage
    All accounts come standard with webalizer statistics and analysis.

    Broomfield Designers has chosen Google Analytics (post Urchin acquisition March 29, 2006) and Hosted Urchin Accounts (legacy softwar) to handle these two separate and disparate methods of tracking your website users down to the click. Google Analytics allows users to have the power of Urchin, without the hosting and setup costs associated with the hosted service. Google Analytics Urchin Premium allows users to maintain multiple years of data within one statistics program. In addition a separate source of inspection can be helpful for diagnostic purposes, Urchin Statistics.

    Broomfield Designers has even integrated some past server logs into your client?s current and ongoing log infrastructure. Give us a call and let?s see what we can do.
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