Outlook vs. Webmail vs. Eudora
Pros and Cons and a Method for Using them.

I have been asked this question so many times I thought I would just write it down. Why should I use a mix of both Outlook and Webmail, redundant Outlook systems on different computers, or eudora and outlook on separate computers to make my business email make sense. Well I can think of at least 5 reasons, some of which I agree are controversial, but nonetheless, these are my reasons.
But first what is each of these things???

Webmail ClientsLimited and expensive space

There are so many webmail clients available, I couldn't list them all on this page. Needless to say, gmail, hotmail, and other websites who offer free mail service all qualify as this type of service. By default all these systems operate predominately over the internet via webpages. Files are not downloaded to the end user's machine unless specifically requested. Spam, and many other unwanted items are deleted at the server level before ever entering your computer. In addition, most if not all, of the services also offer outside access so that you can back up your messages with Outlook or Eudora and "Clean" out your mailbox. Ever notice - check it out!

Eudora Project - Simple Backups - Open Source Mail Client

Eudora is another answer to email on your own operating system. Eudora is available for free download in a Lite Configuration or comes in business and standard packages. This mail system is highly configurable, and can be set to install in folders on the desktop, leading to easy backup to CD or other media for compliance purposes.

Eudora can be set to download messages from the server and delete them as it goes, or leave a copy on the remote server. This is great for backup, and interaction with your Office system, but has proven flaws when you download viruses and other unwanted trash unwittingly.

Outlook / Outlook Express

Outlook is Microsoft's answer to email in the Windows operating system. Outlook Express is standard on all Windows? machines, and Outlook? is a part of their productivity suite "Microsoft Office". It is in there with the business versions of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Access if you are trying to buy it. Outlook has more toys than outlook express, calendars, reminders, personalities, sync to palm, etc. but they both work generally the same when it comes to the server interaction.

Outlook can be set to download messages from the server and delete them as it goes, or leave a copy on the remote server. This is great for backup, and interaction with your Office system, but has proven flaws when you download viruses and other unwanted trash unwittingly.

How to use it effectively

How to set it up, office protocol that can mitigate some virus, spam, backup, and compliance issues. Daily usage of mail systems:

1. Mail to name@domain.com received by server and deposited in "INBOX"
2. Mail viewed by spambot general filing occurs
3a. Mail viewed by humans - if spam count high login to spam bot and train, then view/delete.
3b. Mail viewed by humans - if spam count low delete spam bot and view mail.

Backup Protocol:
1. Turn on outlook/eudora machine (2nd of 2 or #1 machine with webmail usage)
2. Weekly run of Outlook or Eudora to export messages from server to backup Archive. (just hit send receive)
3. Turn Outlook/machine off.
4. Repeat next week.
*To backup outlook or eudora please see their documentation.


  • Outlook/Eudora are Location Specific - Each installation isolated redundancy by backup or multiple systems (if your hard drive crashes, this info has to be somewhere else too!)
  • Outlook/Eudora are Virus Sensitive - I love you, Melissa, etc. (if you download a virus, you would like to see your archive on a backup disk or other computer across the room)
  • Outlook/Eudora have been known to need a reinstall or restart now and again (did I really receive that message or have I been waiting all day to restart my computer) - webmail client of the server that routes my mail is where I want to ask that question, not a computer 3 steps down the line.
  • Backing up an Outlook Address Book alone, routinely, is "a lot to ask" in many places. Eudora is one folder, which helps in this manner and makes backups easy. But both are location specific. What happens when you are at a convention and need an address. If you use Webmail you have both a redundant machine, and a mobile phone book.
  • Many Companies are required to keep emails for 3 years now per Federal and State laws - Outlook and Eudora, with proper hard drive space and/or backup media fit this bill nicely. Just wash the mail first!

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