RGB vs CMYK - What are these and why do they matter?
Colors, RGB, CMYK, What is the difference?

First let?s talk about the Color Palettes ? there are 2 we will cover here:
  1. RGB ? Red Green and Blue (for displays and light emitting devices)
  2. CMYK ? Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black (for print work)
RGB colors are used for Televisions, Cell phone Screens, Stadium Bigscreen Displays, the ?Freemont Experience? in Vegas, and all sorts of other screen applications. The background of a screen is black, so the lack of light in any one area is the equivalent of black for this system of color. RGB colors are routinely expressed in Hexadecimal Format where the RR is the red value, GG is the green value, and BB is the blue value.
Examples are:
  • #ffffff = White
  • #000000 = Black
    On the other hand, most print work is done on White paper. So in order to make this color palatte work, one must add black to the mix of colors to ?Mix Colors?. Pantones are a good example of CMYK colors, as are the paint colors you can find at your local Sherwin Williams house paint store. Most commercial CMYK colors are offered as Pantones, or mixed from Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black in subsequent layers on a sequential press. (Think of the newspaper when it comes with a yellow bar ? the blue layer is missing)
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