Valid Picture Formats
Wow picture formats, well there are quite a few of them, no doubt about it. I believe that my version of photoshop opens roughly 30 of them if I am not mistaken. However, there are only a few you really need to be concerned about and I will try to make a little list of them for you here. We will break these down into categories by usage so that they can be useful in reference:

Internet Compatible Image Formats

These are the image formats that make up all webpages and websites. They can be backgrounds, foregrounds, or stand alone in many browsers. Click here for more about web image formats
  • .jpg = flat file - 16 bit color
  • .gif = flat file - 256 colors
  • .png = flat file - 16 bit color
  • Each has pros and cons, jpg is best for gradients and photos, gif/png are best for logos and line art. Each should be saved in a RGB color Palatte and should be optimized for download speed vs quality.

    Raster Print Image Formats

    These image formats you send to the printer to have things made for you.
  • .jpg = flat file - 16 bit color - lossy
  • .tif = flat file - high quality raster - lossless
  • .gif = flat file - 256 colors - lossless
  • .png = flat file - 16 bit color - lossless
  • .eps= flat file ? Printer instructions included - lossy
  • The above are usually saved in a CMYK configuration and are kept at the highest resolution possible, 300-600 DPI for best look. Be sure to be aware of the palate for any output you try.

    Proprietary Image Formats

    Generally you have to own the program, or ?Open? it somehow to view / create / modify these files.
  • .ai = Layered File - Original Adobe Illustrator Document
  • .psd = Layered File - Original Photoshop Document
  • Others include Freehand, Quark, and 100s more.

  • Homage to the others I missed

    Okay so there are a thousand I missed above, that fit somewhere, but need a home. So here are some other reputable formats for consumption.
  • PDF ? Adobe Acrobat ? THE ULTIMATE HYBRID ? on the web you can control the print output, at Kinkos? it can print you a banner at 300 DPI. Must have Adobe Acrobat to create these files. Adobe photoshop and Illustrator have limited abilities to create pdf documents as well.

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