What fonts Came with Windows 98?
Fonts supplied* with Windows 98 - See Microsoft Website Font name
  1. Abadi MT Condensed Light, v1.00
  2. Arial, v2.45
  3. Arial, v2.50
  4. Arial Black, v2.20
  5. Arial Bold, v2.45
  6. Arial Bold, v2.50
  7. Arial Bold Italic, v2.50
  8. Arial Bold Italic, v2.45
  9. Arial Italic, v2.45
  10. Arial Italic, v2.50
  11. Book Antiqua, v1.25
  12. Calisto MT, v1.00
  13. Century Gothic, v1.50
  14. Century Gothic Bold, v1.50
  15. Century Gothic Bold Italic, v1.50
  16. Century Gothic Italic, v1.50
  17. Comic Sans MS, v1.20
  18. Comic Sans MS Bold, v1.20
  19. Copperplate Gothic Bold, v1.00
  20. Copperplate Gothic Light, v1.00
  21. Courier New, v2.45
  22. Courier New, v2.50
  23. Courier New Bold, v2.50
  24. Courier New Bold, v2.45
  25. Courier New Bold Italic, v2.45
  26. Courier New Bold Italic, v2.50
  27. Courier New Italic, v2.50
  28. Courier New Italic, v2.45
  29. Impact, v2.20
  30. Lucida Console, v0.91
  31. Lucida Handwriting Italic, v1.1
  32. Lucida Sans Italic, v1.01
  33. Lucida Sans Unicode, v0.98
  34. Marlett, v1.00
  35. News Gothic MT, v1.00
  36. News Gothic MT Bold, v1.00
  37. News Gothic MT Italic, v1.00
  38. OCR A Extended, v1.00
  39. Symbol, v1.50
  40. Tahoma, v2.25
  41. Tahoma Bold, v2.25
  42. Times New Roman, v2.45
  43. Times New Roman, v2.50
  44. Times New Roman Bold, v2.50
  45. Times New Roman Bold, v2.45
  46. Times New Roman Bold Italic, v2.45
  47. Times New Roman Bold Italic, v2.50
  48. Times New Roman Italic, v2.50
  49. Times New Roman Italic, v2.45
  50. Verdana, v2.10
  51. Verdana Bold, v2.10
  52. Verdana Bold Italic, v2.10
  53. Verdana Italic, v2.10
  54. Webdings, v1.01
  55. Westminster, v1.01
  56. Wingdings, v2.50

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