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How does original Content Help me in the Search engines?

Once content has been developed, then and only then, can every page in your site be optimized for specific phrases or keywords. In general, if you want to have top search engine ranking under a term, that is relevant to your website, you must write 1-10 pages about that topic succinctly (depending on competition). This topic specific content can then be used to increase your exposure in the search engines. The more valuable the original content, the more respect the community will give your page by way of links to your information. These links, when placed on other popular web site pages, are indexed by the search engines. Every time a link is picked up, it increases your overall site popularity, which in turn will make all your other pages more visible.

As a rule, I like to see my top clients generating content at least annually. For those trying to move up the ranks a more aggressive approach of ``at least 10 pages a month`` can be adequate.

Over time clients of Broomfield Designers` have built substantial and steady search engine traffic from building content rich sites and integrating rational search engine optimization across automated systems.

The world wide web, until telecom last mile challenges are mitigated, is primarily a static picture and text communication tool. In turn the search engines are primarily tasked with indexing content as their robots cannot `see` images. To fit into the search engine`s box and be noticed a successful web site must have updated and clear content that is optimized.


Broomfield Designers doesn't just build Custom Websites, Custom Databases, and online office systems. With hundreds of clients in multiple fields we've produced award winning content in many ways over our 16+ year history. We have technical expertise in:

Graphic Design
Print Production
And Much More

We have the diverse background and skills to help your business advance...

Broomfield Designers is a Colorado Business
Broomfield Designers is a Colorado based custom internet and web solutions provider. Our company is dedicated to bringing your business or group up to the newest technology, most efficient systems, hosted on redundant and widely available architectures.

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